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Growing awareness

Many pledging on Netzero but unable to deliver

Transformation is familiar but many unknowns making it complex and difficult to execute

Consulting Nirmana steps in to support sustainability-led transformations

There is a growing awareness among corporate boardrooms that failing to incorporate climate and sustainability into corporate strategy and day-to-day operations can result in loss of customers, talent, and existing and potential investors, and likely regulatory challenges.

In response, many companies have made ambitious net-zero commitments. A study by Kite Insights found that only one-fifth of the world's 2,000 largest listed public companies have made net-zero commitments, far below the scale and pace of change demanded by the climate crisis. While this is commendable, but companies often focus on the end goal and lack a clear plan for its realization. Failure to deliver on a sustainability pledge can be worse than not pledging, as it damages a company's credibility with stakeholders.


Businesses know they need to decarbonise their value chains and make them more sustainable, but they often struggle to translate these ambitions into results. The shift is not new, but embedding sustainability in business is easier said than done. The shift towards sustainability is happening at a dizzying pace and requires a level of integration and adaptation that many companies are not prepared for. Given the potential risks, aligning all the elements to get the transformation right requires specialisation and catalysts or enablers to help companies achieve much-needed breakthroughs and sustainable long-term growth.


That’s where Consulting Nirmana steps in with their 4 decades of experience in delivering business & digital transformations enabled by world-class practices & technologies. Now leveraging ‘been there done that’ enterprise business, supply chain, and customer experience transformations & combining them with climate change imperatives, Consulting Nirmana is looking forward to assisting clients with their sustainability-led transformations.

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